"I truly enjoy capturing photos that can tell a story, years from today.  You can never have enough Photos."


The cost of a traditional photo sessions is $75

 This cost is for my time, knowledge, equipment & the final edit of your photos.

Most photo sessions are thirty minutes to an hour, if we need more time not a problem.  I like to visit with you before the session, so I have an understanding of what you are wanting out of your session.  I will then do a full edit to the photos that we capture from the session & create a gallery of your photos on my website, either with a password lock or not, your choice.  You then well be able to  view your photos & share the link with your family & friends. I have found that most people would like a disk of there digital images, but I do sell prints too.  Check my price list for cost of prints.   If you are interested in digital images I well burn your a disk of all your digital images from your gallery with a signed photographer's release.  That means you can have your photos printed where ever & when ever you like.
  A final cost of the disk of Digital images can run $100.00 to $250.00
I appreciate your business and would like to create a photo memory with you!
You can contact me though facebook, my web page, my email: [email protected]. or by phone.
   THANK You & Blessings