Cheryl Jantzen
Could you make me a collage for miss cherokee . I picked some pictures in my favorites. Thank you, Cheryl
Debby R.(non-registered)
Sorry RossBoys ..
Debby Ross(non-registered)
Would love to see any pics of CrosSbows you might have
Heidi Ginder
Karen- You do such and amazing job taking pics! Glad to have you take our family pics!
Donna Irvin(non-registered)
The job that you do is amazing. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you give for the community and the kids. I absolutely love the pictures that you have taken of all the kids.
charley parker(non-registered)
great pictures, who was your speaker?
Ashlee Ryel(non-registered)
I love the pictures!!!!
Shannon Reed(non-registered)
Great after prom photos. Something great to see for the parents that weren't there and to see that our kids had a good time. Thanks
Shannon Reed(non-registered)
Love the website, keep doin what you doin!!
Doing great, full steam ahead.
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